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Inspection Risk Management

IRM is an inspection service under the supervision of AIMS TEC, which would include inspection at both load port and discharge port, in this way we would ensure your cargo is better protected. IRM service would include an initial consultancy, investigation and technical report, which would explain to the customer our findings about loading and discharge logistics, infrastructure and weighing/sampling procedures. On subsequent shipments, inspectors will be present throughout both loading and discharge to supervise operations, detect inferior quality cargo and ensure that correct procedures are being adopted to prevent your consignment from discrepancies, contamination or damage. Every inspector is equipped with a mobile phone so that we can inform customers immediately if there are any problems during loading or discharge procedures,

Letters of Protest can be issued upon request. Digital photographs can also be taken on demand to provide visual evidence of the material's quality and cargo operations.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • Storage & Stowage Inspections
  • Transportable Moisture Determination
  • Establishing Source of Water Ingress
  • Flagging of ships tanks & quantity calculations
  • Tank Cleanliness Inspection
  • Supervision of Discharge/Loading
  • Recording of Cargo Distribution
  • Monitoring Cargo Handling
  • Finished Product Inspection
  • Damage Cargo Inspections
  • Quality Control
  • Loss Control
  • Weight Control - Quay/Weighbridge
  • Calibration of weighing Equipment
  • Weighing Supervision
  • Sampling & Quality Sample Preparation
  • Moisture Determination