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Environmental Consultancy Services

Environmental Consultancy Services

Aims Tec offers a comprehensive Environmental Consultancy service personalized to your company’s needs.

We can help you to assess and quantify your environmental air emissions using highly developed techniques and reduce your impact upon the environment.

In many instances, addressing environmental issues may have the beneficial effect of cost savings to your business. Our Environmental Consultancy experts are happy to help you with the specifics of your requirements as we understand that every business is different.

Our wide range of Environmental Consultancy Services include:

Carbon Footprint

Demonstrate to your clients that you are tackling your CO2 emissions seriously through energy reductions and behavioural changes. Are lights and other electrical items being left on unnecessarily? Are the wrong vehicles being used? Could you reduce the number of car journeys?

Waste Auditing

With landfill tax increasing every year, it is more important than ever to look at waste reduction, recycling and waste segregation. We can look at your current usage of raw materials and the production of waste types in your company.

Energy Auditing

In order to see if you are wasting money and polluting the environment by being inefficient with energy, we can assist you with energy auditing, help you to create an action plan and encourage others in the company to take part.

Environmental Review

Alongside our accredited Stack Emissions Monitoring and Occupational Hygiene Services, we can offer environmental improvement assistance to aid your business meet its green obligations. The environmental review will give you an idea of how your company is performing environmentally. It outlines areas of improvement and areas where your company is doing well. It is recommended that this is carried out once per year.

Environmental Policy

Does your company need a method of explaining to clients and customers what you do about your environmental impact and what you wish to achieve? Many clients expect companies they employ to demonstrate some form of environmental awareness and show that they are considering the environment with their working practices.

Our other Environmental Consultancy Services include:

  • Preparation of EPR (Environmental Permitting Regulations) and supporting documentation.
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Environmental Audit Report (EAR)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Customized environmental awareness training to help your business become greener.
  • Abatement plant commissioning and efficiency trials.
  • Stack height calculations.
  • Provision of Odour Management Plans.

Choose An Expert Environmental Consultancy

Let Aims Tec come and assess your business and identify areas where you can save and make noticeable achievements. Our knowledgeable consultants have extensive experience in the field of Environmental Consultancy, currently service several high profile customers and can assure you of the highest possible level of service around.

Call or Email us or fill out our Aims Tec Enquiry Form for any queries regarding any of our Environmental Consultancy services.